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harmon nelsonHarmon O. Nelson III
Harmon O. Nelson III is an accomplished artist and graduate of Art Center College of Design. Nelson has over 30 years of specialized expertise in developing comprehensive architectural signage, wayfinding and donor recognition systems. His fine art works focus on public and interactive art. Commissions include tile mosaic, landscape, streetscapes and the San Diego Port District where he collaborated on "Californiascope," a seven-foot-long interactive kaleidoscope which was part of the Urban Trees 5 public art installation. His wondrous Sacred Sand Circles can be seen on San Diego beaches, albeit fleetingly, and indefinitely through photographic studies using natural and laser light. His decorative, original, and versatile Dazzlers and luminous resin works are the cornerstone for his expanding HarmonNelson Home division.

Exquisite products from the HarmonNelson Brand
HarmonNelson is Refining Environments Through Innovation. One of a kind Harmony Dazzlers are both decorative and versatile; hang them to enhance your environment, wear as jewelry, or both. Cosmo lamps and Cosmos resin works are available for purchase or custom works can be commissioned. Email Harmon for information. Many of our products are inspired by Harmon O. Nelson III's photographic studies of his Sacred Sand Circles, Cosmos resin works, and dazzling kaleidoscope reflective patterns. Browse and purchase art, mugs, bags, shirts, phone cases and more through our Zazzle Store at http://zazzle.com/harmonnelson/gifts.

About Harmon Nelson Design, Inc.
Mr. Nelson's 24-year-old San Diego-based company, Harmon Nelson Design, Inc., is one of the few elite businesses in the U.S. that specializes in environmental graphic design. The award-winning firm is dedicated to exploring innovative solutions that create positive experiences and environments. Follow HarmonNelson on Facebook for installation and product updates.






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